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Thursday, January 19, 2006

WTF does my credit score have to do w/ my aptitude as an employee?

Just about everyone who's ever applied for a job in recent years has had to succumb to a number of invasions into their privacy. Most of us just allow it for survival sake or we understand that the nature of the job requires a large amount of judgements about safety so we allow background checks and drug testing. But credit checks, what does someone's credit have to do with someones' performance on the job? Increasingly, in my search for a job, I am coming across release forms that allow an employer to check your credit. When I have asked why they need this form, I have been told that they don't use it for checking a potential employees credit but they use it to get other information like an MVD report. So, naturally, my next question is why don't you use an MVD request form if that's what you want? I never get an answer to that one. You won't be considered for the job unless you sign this form. Is that even legal or constitutional? It doesn't seem like it should be in America. If anyone else has any experiences with this I would love to hear them and what you did or didn't do about it. I just simply said goodbye. Would I do that for a better paying job? I don't know, but so far the decision has been pretty easy.

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At 8:36 PM, Blogger travisdem_04 said...

Well, I've never bothered to look at all the crap I have to sign, just so I can eat. I haven't had all that many jobs either. However, I think the credit check is a way of determining how easily the company can control you. If you have a low credit rating, then you're more likely to put up with as much crap as possible to keep the job, and vice versa. Recently, I tried to get a job in a cannery in Alaska and F-ers wouldn't hire me. They didn't check my cradit, but they certainly new I wasn't as poor as the others that needed the hellishly awful job. So, if I were to quit in the middle of the processing season, they would have to fly another person out to wherever, or have someone work overtime to fill my spot. That would cost them time, capital and convenience.
I hope I made some sort of sense up there....Anyway, I'm off.

At 10:09 PM, Blogger Ghostgrrrl said...

That's if one gives a crap about their credit. I worked in a cannery and I stayed long enough to pay for my rainsuit, went to lunch and never came back.


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