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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Moveon's Red Handed Team Hounds Hayworth!

On August 26th

We will be at the following event to let everyone know about JD's voting record on Veterans benefits. We will be there with our Big Red Hands and facts about the atrocious way in which JD has treated veterans with his voting record. Please stop by to show the media that we want our veterans taken care of like our congress people are taken care of!

The Ride for Secure Borders event is scheduled for
Saturday, Aug. 26 for a lunch and beverage run to
Jake's Corner with an optional jaunt to
Sidewinders in Pine.

Staging for the ride will be at Childress Auto Mall on
Camelback Road, one block east of I-17.

The gates will open at 7 a.m. with a free continental
breakfast and the pre-ride ceremony beginning
at 8 a.m.

KFYI's Bruce Jacobs will emcee the event which will
include Rep. J.D. Hayworth; R-Ariz.,
Rep. Russell Pearce, R-Dist. 7;
Al Rodriguez, retired Marine Col., and
Republican gubernatorial candidate
Don Goldwater as guest speakers.
The ride will commence at 9 a.m. sharp.

This here's the facts about Hayworths voting record on veterans benefits. Keep it for evidence that he's been caught RED HANDED voting against the best interests of our veterans!

FACT: Representative Hayworth Voted to Cut Benefits for Veterans.. Representative Hayworth voted for a budget that slashed health care for our nation'sveterans. The budget required the House Veterans' Affairs (VA) Committee to cutbenefits or to tax veterans by increasing their fees. According to the CongressionalBudget Office, the budget resolution required Congress to make $155 million in cuts toveterans' benefits in fiscal year 2006, and $798 million over the next five years, by fiscalyear 2011.Source: [H Con Res 95, Vote #88, 3/17/05,;House Committee on Veteran's Affairs, Minority Office,]. According to National Commander Thomas P. Cadmus, the leader of the AmericanLegion, the nation's largest veterans' organization, the budget resolution "falls short ofveterans funding needs, especially during a time when this nation is at war. We have anew generation of veterans who will need medical services for many years to come."Source: [US Newswire, 3/18/05]. While Sending Our Troops To War. Rep. Hayworth voted to authorize the use of United States Armed Forces against Iraq inthe original resolution that sent our servicemen and women to Iraq. Source: [H J RES114, Vote # 455, 10/10/02,]. Rep. Hayworth voted against the resolution that would have set a timetable for pullingU.S. forces out of Iraq, ensuring a steady flow of servicemen and women into Iraq for theforeseeable future, as units rotate in and out. Source: [H Res 861, Vote #288, 6/16/06,; Associated Press, 6/16/06; Associated Press,6/17/06]


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